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Issue 357 – We Enjoy Our Visitors


The Paregien Journal   –   Issue 357   –   July 13, 2017

We Really Enjoy Our Visitors

During our marriage of 55+ years, Peggy and I have lived in several states and cities. I can safely say that none of them, except for our current home in Florida, has been known as a “tourist destination city.”  The region from Tampa, down through Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Bradenton, Sarasota, and Venice contains beautiful cities, beaches, museums and scores of other attractions. So hundreds of thousands of visitors flock here from all over the United States, Canada and Europe–especially during “the season” (November through April). 

Naturally, that old capitalism rule of “supply and demand” kicks in, with hotels raising their rates and still running at or near capacity, and restaurants hike their prices and still have waiting lines (even at . . . or maybe especially at . . . the “Early Bird Special” time of 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.). And then there is the additional traffic, . . . but don’t get me started on that.

So we are fortunate and happy to have a few more friends and relatives who come to visit us for a day several days. We are always glad host them and get caught up on their lives and the lives of our mutual friends. And we try to guide them to the best attractions in the area.


Martha and Darrell Russell are very special friends of ours and have been for many years. We all met when Peggy and Martha each worked in the Southwest Airlines Reservation Center north of the airport in Oklahoma City. For several years, Peggy and Martha shared rides back and forth to work from our respective homes about 25 miles from the airport (in Edmond, Okla.). Then when we decided to move to Florida in June of 2013, these two generous souls volunteered to make the trip with us. In fact, Darrell had driven business-sized trucks for years and he accepted the role of chief driver of our rental truck. Martha and Peggy drove our van. 

Then a couple of years later they retired, sold their house, bought a Recreational Vehicle and started roaming all over the U.S. Then their daughter and son-in-law got transferred to Jupiter (over on Florida’s east coast; also where the aging movie star Burt Reynolds still lives) and they started living with there when not RV-ing. And just a few weeks ago, the whole crew moved to new digs up in Social Circle, Georgia. Google that town and scroll out and look at how the town is platted — in a doggone circle. Pretty strange.

Anyway, I think you catch my drift that we very much appreciate and love these two wonderful folks.

And, speaking of wonderful folks, . . . that leads us to James and Glenda Cotton of Edmond, Okla. 

2017--03--05 01A Palmetto, FL - James and Glenda Cotton - by S Paregien

We first met James and Glenda Cotton (of Marshall, Okla.) in a congregation in Oklahoma City where we were all attending. Since then, they have moved from her family farm to just on the far north side of Oklahoma City. We all four laugh all the time about how we were mismatched somewhere back in time, as Peggy and James share a great passion for searching for seashells and tinkering with stuff while Glenda and I are happy to watch the sunsets and read books. Last year Peggy and I rode with them from Edmond all the way through Texas and New Mexico up to Westcliffe, Colorado . . . to a friend’s cabin . . . and then took the long way home. Quite an adventure. And quite fantastic friends.

2017--03--26 02 Brian, Ruth, Muriel, Peg - Venice, FL - by Stan Paregien

Two of our newer retired friends who live in Venice are Dr. Brian and Ruth Smith, R.N. Before they were married, they each independently went to separate medical missions in Africa. A series of twists and turns took place, finally causing them to meet and to get married. They spent the last 20 years of their careers working in McAllen, Texas, moving to Venice in late 2015 or so for his health.

The photo above shows them with my cousin/brother Jerry Paregien (blue shirt) and his wife Muriel and with Peggy.  Both Jerry and I grew up a few miles apart in the wilds of Ventura County (just north of Malibu, etc.). He graduated (as did Peggy) from Ventura High School, while I graduated from Fillmore High School.  I had one sister, Roberta (“Berta”), but nary a single brother. Jerry has certainly filled that slot for me over the years, so I love him as my substitute physical brother and as my brother in Christ. It just doesn’t get much closer than that. 

Muriel and Peggy just seemed to hit it off from the first time they met. For one thing, they are both “P.K.’s.” Now those of you insiders in church circles know what that means. Each of them was a “preacher’s kid.” Muriel’s father, Dale Knowles, preached for ultra-conservative independent Christian Churches (and her brother, Victor Knowles, is a preacher and the long-time editor of ONE BODY, a magazine advocating Christian unity).  Peggy’s father, W.W. (“Woody”) Allen, preached for ultra-conservative Churches of Christ, mainly in Nebraska and in Ventura, Calif. But Muriel and Peggy share so many other interests that their relationship is very similar to that which Jerry and I have. 

2017--06--01 02 - Woody, Lisa, Ella King - Bradenton, FL - by Stan Paregien

Woody King is a son of Paula King and the late Bill King, making him a nephew to Peggy and to me. Woody’s parents farmed in Arizona and Texas, then moved to California and soon to Oklahoma’s oil patch(s), and in his adult life out to Portland, Oregon. Lisa’s parents live in Sarasota and it was Woody and Lisa’s wedding on beautiful Siesta Beach — attended by Peggy — that was a major influence in our moving to Florida. They have the one daughter, cute and smart little Ella. They work together as independent entrepreneurs.

Hey, here is a “blast from the past.”  This photo of Woody and others was taken at our little 10-acre “farm” northwest of Stroud, Okla., in 1981. I added the captions, of course.


That is my mom and step-father in back, and Woody’s younger brother Jeff at right.

2017--06--15 12 - Sarasota, FL - luncheon cruises - by Stan Paregien

Luncheon cruise on Sarasota Bay in mid-June, 2017

This photo is of Stan and Peggy Paregien with their one and only daughter, Mrs. John (Stacy Evelyn Paregien) Magness. Stacy (cook in a nursing home) and John (foreman for a company in the oil field service business) and their adult daughter Christal live in tiny Snook, Texas just west of Bryan/College Station (think “Texas A&M”).  They have lived in Texas all of their married lives. This was Stacy’s first trip to Florida. We hope someday, since her husband John refuses to fly at all, to hog-tie him and load him on a plane and get him here, too. Stacy, by the way, is our greatly loved “chosen child,” as we adopted her in Oklahoma when she was two years old. Their older child, Dylan, works with his father and lives in College Station with his girlfriend. Their first baby is a beautiful girl named Presleigh.

That is Stacy’s picture on the left, at about the same age as Presleigh.

The note in my newspaper for July 7th’s “Birthdays” included the one and only . . . Doc Sevrinsen. Okay, if you’re under 40 years of age you have probably never heard of him. But ol’ Doc, whose real name was Carl, turned 90 this year. He was the band leader during most of the years that Johnny Carson hosted “The Tonight Show” on TV. At one time he owned a horse ranch in Purcell, Oklahoma (which likes to call itself “The Quarter Horse Capital of the World”). He lives up in Webbed Foot Country (i.e., Oregon), and he still performs once in a while. He was especially noted for his wacky stage outfits and for his kinda “wacked out” stage persona, which I don’t know was for real or just an act. He was different, though.

Severinsen, Doc -- about 2016 -- trumpet player and band leader on NBC

Oh, and on July 7, 1954, that nobody truck driver from Tupelo, Mississippi actually conned some D.J. at WHBQ in Memphis to play his first record, “That’s All Right,” for the very first time. And the song was a heck of a lot more than “All Right.” Neither Sun Records nor the world of music would be the same for very long after that. I remember that this “rock ‘n roller” (or hillbilly rocker) in about 1955, when I was a student at Roosevelt Junior High School in Tulsa, came to town for a show. The place was mobbed. And the newspaper the next day on their front page had a photo of two or three of my female classmates trying to climb into Elvis Presley’s dressing room from a window on the outside wall. Ah, yes, the good ol’ days.

Presley, Elvis -- with his guitar in about 1955 - it is a 1955 Martin D-28 guitar

We had been giving some serious thought and discussion about flying to Japan to see that nation and to spent some time with our daughter-in-law Becky Paregien’s brother and sister-in-law, Mike and Tomoko McClain in the Hitachi coastal area north-east of Tokyo. . . .  . . Then, one of our Rwandan friends invited us to his wedding in September there in Rwanda, Africa. So we (mainly Peggy) shifted gears and started researching that trip, instead. The Rwanda trip was just too cost-prohibitive. So we (mainly Peggy) turned our attention back to that possible trip to Japan. After visiting with a travel agent, we decided the possible Japan trip was impossible for us. And for the same reasons:  $$$$$

So we have regrouped and are thinking of going two places instead of one: Paris and Rome.

Doesn’t that sound just wonderful?

Well, don’t get too excited. We’re talking (mostly joking) about driving to both Paris, Tennessee and Rome, Georgia. It would give us some bragging rights, if we just left off the state names. Then on second thought, . . . naw. Back to the drawing board.

Hey, we have a heck of a lot of fun with all of the folks here in our 55+ gated MHP, including such folks as long-time resident Pat Goeller. Read the sign on her shirt.


2017--04--11 01 Bradenton, FL - Pat Goeller - by S Paregien

Well, friends and neighbors, that’s it for this time. Thanks for stopping by and “Y’all come, ya hear?”

— Stan Paregien


Issue 324 – Life In Florida, Part 2

The Paregien Journal  –  Issue 324  –  February 15, 2016

Stan Paregien, Editor

Life In Florida, Part 2

Ah, yes, life is very good here in Paradise. Our few days of mild winter provide plenty of ammunition with which to gig our snow-bound friends and relatives in the northern two-thirds of the U.S.A.

Florida  --  we salt Margaritas, not driveways

Florida  -- we love winters in Florida

The Gulf of Mexico, seven miles west of our house here, is normally a pretty tame body of water with “waves” more like ripples seen on large lakes elsewhere. The shore on this, the west-central side of Florida, stretches into long vistas of sparkling white sand (i.e., ground-up coquina shells) spiked with azure blue waters, palm trees and masses of sea grapes. The beautifully landscaped estates of the Big Boys who live on Anna Maria Island and Longboat Key provide we commoners with views of exotic plants and a rainbow of colors as we drive by their gated palaces. The pervasive eye candy is inspiring.

Then there are the friendships quickly forged in our 55+ communities because, for the most part, we are a people detached from our roots and friends and relatives back in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachussetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Oklahoma. Oklahoma? Yes, a few of us from Oklahoma chose Florida rather than south Texas, New Mexico or Arizona. Anyhow, we are all pretty much in the same boat: we came here with hopes of making new friends. And it happens pretty quickly as we start out with, “And where did you live before moving here?” 

Oh, hey, did I mention the weather here in west-central Florida? Mercy sakes, friends, that is why we moved here. We may on a rare winter morning need an ice-scraper for our windshields, but we sold our snow blowers and snow shovels and snow mobiles before we left home. And we gave our thermal underwear, heavy wool shirts and down-filled jackets to others. 

Florida  --  winter-clothes-in-florida

Now our standard apparel amounts to flip flops (our old hippies among us instantly feel right at home), T-shirts and bermuda shorts or cut-off jeans. If we are going to go to a formal occasion, like  church or a wedding or out to a fancy restaurant, we wear flowery shirts with colars (to look like the other tourists and newcomers) and leather sandals with no socks. You may buy clothing like this at very expensive stores, or do what most of us down here do — roam the many thrift stores for bargains. Hey, “we are on limited incomes, down here” we’d have you know. And Florida state officials would say, “But you have no state income tax down here.” Right. But that is not the end of that story, as states without state income taxes always find “fees” and such to pick our pockets to achieve the same result.

‘Nuff of that.

This time I want to share some photos of the Dark Side of Florida. Oops, I mean the far side of Florida. You know, the east-central part. Peggy and I recently got a nice taste of it, while visiting friends in Jupiter and relatives in West Palm Beach. So hang on, here we go.

2016--0050      Map -- Jan 25  --  Trip from Bradenton to Jupiter, FL

2016--0051--B      Jan 25  --  Lighthouse at Jupiter, FL


In the photo above, you’ll see a cluster of the beautiful sea grape bushes that abound here.


We have been friends with Darrell and Martha Russell since 1996. That’s when Martha and Peggy started to work for Southwest Airlines in their national reservations call center just north of the airport in Oklahoma City. Those two ladies carpooled for nearly 14 years, so they got to know each other pretty darned well.

The four of us have leaned on each other as we have gone through illnesses, unemployment, retirement, moving away from Oklahoma (Darrell kindly drove our overloaded U-Haul truck most of the way),  and the daily bumps and bruises of life. They’re solid citizens, good Christan folk and we love ’em. Well, except maybe for their choice of sports wear. I did graduate work toward a Ph.D. at the University of Oklahoma and, try though I might, I can’t seem to convince them that OU’s maroon and cream is a lot prettier than OSU orange and white.




Then the next day, Darrell and Martha Russell drove us around to see the sights. Lots of tall office buildings and fabulously expensive estates mostly hidden behind gated walls.

However, we did get to tour the little “cracker house” of the late Henry Flagler. This was a guy who, as a young man, had the good sense to go to Ohio and get into a new venture with another young businessman. Their adventure involved something that was not even known about by many other folks, but the two had a vision of the necessity it would become. We’re talking here about oil. You see, ol’ Henry hooked up with a young dreamer named . . . John D. Rockefeller. Their company became the Standard Oil Company, with Henry owning 25 %. Each man earned a reputation as an infamous “Robber Baron.” 

Of course, when your personal wealth exceeds the assets of many state governments that allows you to be creative and even generous. Flagler had the strange idea that he could turn a little mosquito-infested village in northeast Florida into a tourist mecca. No, he did not build a “field of dreams” baseball diamond (like Kevin Coster did in the movie) to see if they would come. He did build two luxurious hotels in Saint Augustine, and then of all things, he built his own railroad from Jacksonville to there so his large number of rich friends from back east and the midwest could vacation in the fashion to which they were accustomed. And it work very well, thank you. 

Then he invested in developments in the Miami area, far south of Saint Augustine. And then he connected his railroad on down to that soon-to-be tourist mecca. Eventually, he was daring enough to build the Florida East Coast Railroad Line all the way down across the various keys and the long stretches of open water all the way to Key West, Florida. That was in 1912. Wow, what an achievement.

Flagler died in 1913 from a fall onto the marble steps at his mansion.  Maybe it was just as well, because only 22 years later his railroad empire died. That was the year a terrible hurricane destroyed most of it and the lives of hundreds of his workers. 

You understand, now, how this man could afford to build such a palatial house for his wife. He called it, “Whitehall.” It is magnificently appointed inside as well.


2016--0062      Jan 26  --  Palm Beach, FL --  The Flagler Museum   -- copyrighted by Stan Paregien

2016--0063      Jan 26  --  Palm Beach, FL --  The Flagler Museum   -- copyrighted by Stan Paregien

2016--0064      Jan 26  --  Palm Beach, FL --  The Flagler Museum   -- copyrighted by Stan Paregien

2016--0065      Jan 26  --  Palm Beach, FL --  The Flagler Museum   -- copyrighted by Stan Paregien

2016--0066      Jan 26  --  Palm Beach, FL --  The Flagler Museum   -- copyrighted by Stan Paregien

2016--0067      Jan 26  --  Palm Beach, FL --  The Flagler Museum   -- copyrighted by Stan Paregien

2016--0068      Jan 26  --  Palm Beach, FL --  The Flagler Museum   -- copyrighted by Stan Paregien

2016--0069      Jan 26  --  Palm Beach, FL --  The Flagler Museum   -- copyrighted by Stan Paregien

2016--0070      Jan 26  --  Palm Beach, FL --  The Flagler Museum   -- copyrighted by Stan Paregien

2016--0072      Jan 26  --  Palm Beach, FL --  The Flagler Museum   -- copyrighted by Stan Paregien

2016--0071      Jan 26  --  Palm Beach, FL --  The Flagler Museum   -- copyrighted by Stan Paregien

2016--0073      Jan 26  --  Palm Beach, FL --  The Flagler Museum   -- Stan Paregien


2016--0075      Jan 26  --  Palm Beach, FL --  The Flagler Museum   -- Stan Paregien

2016--0084      Jan 26  --  Palm Beach, FL --  The Flagler Museum   -- Stan Paregien


2016--0077      Jan 26  --  Palm Beach, FL --  The Flagler Museum   -- Stan Paregien


2016--0081      Jan 26  --  Palm Beach, FL --  The Flagler Museum   -- Stan Paregien

2016--0082      Jan 26  --  Palm Beach, FL --  The Flagler Museum   -- Stan Paregien


2016--0083      Jan 26  --  Palm Beach, FL --  The Flagler Museum   -- Stan Paregien


2016--0098     modern map of the Florida Keys

2016--0080      Jan 26  --  Palm Beach, FL --  The Flagler Museum   -- Stan Paregien

2016--0095     painting of train running at night

2016--0094     book cover

Then came the horrible hurrican of Labor Day, 1935

2016--0087      Jan 26  --  Palm Beach, FL --  The Flagler Museum   -- Stan Paregien

2016--0088      1935 -- hurrican damage at Islamorado - body

2016--0089      1935 -- hurrican damage

2016--0090      1935 -- hurrican damage -- evacuation train derailed


2016--0092     1935 -- hurrican damage -- decomposing bodies found

2016--0093     1935 -- hurrican damage -- mass burials were necessary

2016--0091     1935 -- hurrican damage --


2016--0098     modern map of the Florida Keys


2016--0097     1935 -- railroad logo

2016--0100     Jan 26  Flagler Museum -- copyrighted by Stan Paregien2016--0101     Jan 26  Flagler Museum -- copyrighted by Stan Paregien

2016--0102     Jan 26  Flagler Museum -- copyrighted by Stan Paregien

2016--0103     Jan 26  Flagler Museum -- copyrighted by Stan Paregien

Flagler hired a full-time organist to be available at a moment’s notice to play for the family and/or their guests.

2016--0105     Jan 26  Flagler Museum -- copyrighted by Stan Paregien

“Boys will be boys, especially around girls.”

2016--0106     Jan 26  Flagler Museum -- copyrighted by Stan Paregien


2016--0107     Jan 26  Flagler Museum -- copyrighted by Stan Paregien


2016--0108     Jan 26  Flagler Museum -- copyrighted by Stan Paregien

2016--0109     Jan 26  Flagler Museum -- copyrighted by Stan Paregien

2016--0110     Jan 26  Flagler Museum -- copyrighted by Stan Paregien

2016--0111     Jan 26  Flagler Museum -- copyrighted by Stan Paregien

2016--0112     Jan 26  Flagler Museum -- copyrighted by Stan Paregien

2016--0116     Jan 26  Flagler Museum -- copyrighted by Stan Paregien

2016--0118     Jan 26  Flagler Museum -- copyrighted by Stan Paregien

2016--0117     Jan 26  Flagler Museum -- copyrighted by Stan Paregien


2016--0121     Jan 26  Flagler Museum -- copyrighted by Stan Paregien

2016--0129     Jan 26  Flagler Museum -- copyrighted by Stan Paregien

2016--0115     Jan 26  Flagler Museum -- copyrighted by Stan Paregien

2016--0128     Jan 26  Flagler Museum -- copyrighted by Stan Paregien

2016--0127     Jan 26  Flagler Museum -- copyrighted by Stan Paregien

2016--0130     Jan 26  Flagler Museum -- copyrighted by Stan Paregien

2016--0126     Jan 26  Flagler Museum -- copyrighted by Stan Paregien

2016--0123     Jan 26  Flagler Museum -- copyrighted by Stan Paregien

2016--0132     Jan 26  Flagler Museum -- copyrighted by Stan Paregien

2016--0122     Jan 26  Flagler Museum -- copyrighted by Stan Paregien

2016--0124     Jan 26  Flagler Museum -- copyrighted by Stan Paregien

2016--0131     Jan 26  Flagler Museum -- copyrighted by Stan Paregien


2016--0132     Jan 26  Flagler Museum -- copyrighted by Stan Paregien

2016--0133     Jan 26  Flagler Museum -- copyrighted by Stan Paregien

2016--0136     Jan 26  Flagler Museum -- copyrighted by Stan Paregien

2016--0137     Jan 26  Flagler Museum -- copyrighted by Stan Paregien

2016--0140     Jan 26  The Breakers Hotel, started by Henry Flagler

2016--0141     Jan 26  Palm Beach, FL  --  The Breakers Hotel  --   copyrighted by Stan Paregien

2016--0142     Jan 26  Palm Beach, FL  --  The Breakers Hotel  --   copyrighted by Stan Paregien

We left West Palm Beach about 9 a.m. in the middle of a pouring  down rain, with the report of a tornado not far away. We had to get off of the highway in Coral Springs and wait for the storm to let up a bit.

Then we continued over to Naples and spent the night there. We paid “seasonal price” for our room, meaning much higher than normal. 

2016--0145  --  Florida map  -- central area  --  03   West Palm Beach to Naples

Anywho, . . . it was an interesting trip. Our thanks to our friends in Jupiter, Darrell and Martha Russell, for giving us the grand tour. And our thanks to Peggy’s neice, Joy Gardner Lombardi and husband Mark, for their hospitality.





Issue 317 – Family & Friends in 2015

The Paregien Journal   –   Issue 317    –    Dec. 18, 2015

Stan Paregien, Editor


In the course of a year, a person who travels even a little bit will meet a lot of interesting folks. Some are witting and charming, others are self-centered and obnoxious, while most are somewhere in between.

The fact is, though, that the really important people in our lives are a fairly small number of family members and friends. And it is to those precious few that I dedicate this page.

NOTE: Please know that those who fit into one or both of those categories of “family” and “friends”  are not necessarily in the photos below. I did not have recent photos of many of you, nor did I have space enough to include all. Kind of a nice problem to have, really. 






Becky & Stan Paregien Jr in Waterloo, Illinois – March, 2015



0465   2015-03--28   -- Little Gasparilla Island  - Jean Pendergrass - Shirley Cook  -- by Peggy Paregien


0045   2015--02--12   - Bradenton,  FL - Don Betts' 83rd birthday - by Jim Parker

This is a group of Christian men who meet in Bradenton each Thursday morning for a “show and tell” brunch. The man at left is a visitor, then (clockwise) are Jim Waid, Clay Landes, Mike Cook (sunglasses), Stan Paregien, Don Betts, Mike Sirus and Rom “Hollywood” Colella. 


0041   2015--01--31 - Abe Guillermo and Jean Pendergrass, friends since 1953 - he died Feb 10, 2015

Abe was a native of Hawaii. As a 9-year-old boy, he watched from his family’s farm as the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. Abe graduated to heaven this year.

Guillermo, Abraham M  -- Memorial Service -- 2015--03--17  Page 1 of 5Guillermo, Abraham M  -- Memorial Service -- 2015--03--17  Page 2 of 5

2015--04--05--A10    Bradenton, FL - Easter Sunrise on the Riverwalk -- Bonnie Hamill and P Paregien by S Paregien2015--04--05--B1 -- Washington, DC -- Major Stan Paregien Jr - USAFR2015--04--22   02   Bradenton, FL -- Al Good turned 90 -- by Virgina Corbin

Geri Mack watches as husband Al Mack cuts the cake on his 90th birthday. Bradenton, FL – 2015 –  Photo by Stan Paregien


2015--04--18   B05  Sheridan, AR --  Dominic, Jodi, Peg, Bailee -  by Stan Paregien2015--04--21   D-04  Tulsa, Ok - Peg Paregien, Maynard and Sue Hammans - by S Paregien2015--04--22  A01B  Cleveland, OK -- Verdonn and Sharron Blevins2015--04--23  A05  Edmond, OK - Paregiens and Arringtons and Sengs

2015--04--24  A28  Edmond, OK -   -- Jean Ndayisaba with relatives and P and S Paregien

2015--04--27   2   Stratford, OK  -- David and Patsy Bryan - by Peggy Paregien2015--04--27   3   Stratford, OK  -- David and Patsy Bryan - by Peggy Paregien2015--04--28   A01B  Snook, TX  -- Stacy P Magness - by Stan Paregien2015--04--28   A02  Snook, TX  -- Christal - Peg - Dylan - Stan - by Stacy Magness

2015--05--08   B03   Bradenton, FL -- Clay Landes and others at a jam -- by Peggy Paregien2015--05--08   B06   Bradenton, FL -- Rod Myers at a jam -- by Peggy Paregien

2015--05--17    A01   Bradenton, FL  --  Ronnie and Carole Colella2015--05--18  B1   Joplin, MO -- Victor and Evelyn Knowles

Victor and Evelyn Knowles – Joplin, MO – 2015

V2015--05--07   03   Rwanda, Africa  -- Bryan and Holly Hixson - 24 Anniversary2015--05--25   B05 -- Bradenton, FL  --  Virginia Corbin, P Paregien and dogs  -- by S Paregien

Our dear neighbor, Virginia Corbin with her dog Buddy, and Peggy Paregien with her dog Allie. 2015 – Bradenton, FL – by Stan Paregien

2015--05--08   A01-2   Anna Maria Island, FL -- Martha and Darrell Russell -- by Peggy Paregien

2015--05--23   A07   Stroud, OK - 30th Reunion of the Class of 1985  - Stan JR - Joe Bob Cornett

2015--06--05   A02-A  -- Roberta Fournier's obituary, 1943 to 20152015--06--05   A02-B  -- Roberta Fournier's obituary, 1943 to 2015


2015--07--04   A02   Bradenton, FL  -- PG MHP luncheon -- Jean and Bob L'Hullier  -- by Stan Paregien

1876  --  2015--06   Bradenton, FL -- DJ and Ray Multer  -- by Peggy Paregien

1822 -- 2015--08--04  A04  Bradenton, FL -  neighbor Ray Multer died at age 75

1933  2015-08-13 --  Bradenton, FL -- Rom Colella, Don Betts -- by S Paregien

1966  --  St Petersburg, FL - Ft Desoto Park -- Sept 2, 2015 -- Lynne and Ed Hutchinson with Peggy Paregien  - by Stan Paregien1992  --  2015--09--05  Sarasota, FL - Rod Myers presiding at Clay and Pat Landes' 50th Anniversary --  by Stan Paregien2002  --  2015--09--05  Sarasota, FL - Clay and Pat Landes' 50th Anniversary --  by Stan Paregien2011  --  2015--09--05  Sarasota, FL - Clay and Pat Landes' 50th Anniversary --  by Stan Paregien2012  --  2015--09--05  Sarasota, FL - Clay Landes with Peggy Paregien --  by Stan Paregien2031  --  2015--09--06   Waterloo, IL  - Stan Paregien and new toy, a Delorean

Our Number One Son with a new toy: a DeLorean

2035  --  2015--09--23   Bradenton, FL - Smiths - Karin - Jean Pendergrass2037  --  2015--09--22  Jennifer B Morton, Carol B Tiger and Jami B McDonald2037  --  2015--09--22D  Carol Bond Tiger and her children2046  --  2015 - Marilyn and Kent Abel on a cruise2047  --  2015 - Oregon -- Paula King and sons Kevin, Karsen, Woody and Jeff

2015--10--12   2086  Sedona, AZ -- Judy and Don Betts  - by Stan Paregient2015--10--12   2135--C  Sedona, AZ  -  Courthouse Butte   -  copyrighted by Stan Paregien2015--10--13   2167--N   Sedona, AZ  -   Stan Paregien and Don Betts -  copyrighted by Peg Paregien2015--10--14   2209   Sedona, AZ  -   Slide Rock Park  -  copyrighted by Stan Paregien2015--10--16   2442--F    Cottonwood, AZ  - Blazin' M Ranch - Stan Paregien, Don Betts - by Peg Paregien


2015--12--12   2726    Bradenton, FL --  Christmas Dinner




















Issue 271 – Paregien’s Bed and Breakfast

Issue 271    —  The Paregien Journal    —  March 17, 2014

Paregien’s Bed and Breakfast:

Rules of the House

by Stan Paregien Sr.


Well, neighbors, we have been invaded by visitors to our little piece of Paradise here in the Florida swamp. So we have decided we have to establish some guidelines for such visits. So here they are.

Paregien's Bed and Breakfast - 01 - Part B

It all began with visits, however brief, here by Darrell and Martha Russell of Edmond, Oklahoma (and now of . . . the open road, as they have retired and are cavorting  around the nation in their RV), then James and Glenda Cotton from Edmond and Phil and Kay Coldiron from near Wellston, Oklahoma.

Then for a week we hosted Peggy’s sister Paula Allen King from near Portland, Oregon. She had previously lived in Guadalajara for some 20 years, so she seemed glad to get back to some warm, dry weather.



We took Paula to the airport in Tampa on a Saturday and then the next day, on Sunday, we went to the St. Petersburg/Clearwater airport and picked up my cousin Jerry Paregien and his wife Muriel. Jerry was born in California, while I just grew up there from the age of one. Neither of us had a brother, so we are about as close as brothers as you can get. We laughed and laughed, and ate and ate, and laughed some more while they were in Bradenton with us.

2014--0217  Bradenton, FL - Logo Jerry and Muriel Paregien - March 2 to 9

2014--0218-E  St Petersburg, FL - Muriel Paregien and Jerry plus Stan Paregien and Peggy-- March 2





Well, folks, we took Jerry and Muriel back to the St. Pete/Clearwater airport on Sunday, March 9th at . . . gulp . . . 2:30 a.m. for a 6:30 a.m. flight which did not leave until 9:00 a.m. Their carrier, Tree Tops Airline, says it took the ground crew longer than usual to re-wind the rubber-bands which turn the plane’s propeller. But they got back to the mountains of East Tennessee just fine.

The next day, Monday, March 10th, Peggy and I drove to Tampa International and picked up our son, Stan Jr., and his wife Becky and their son Daniel. During the course of the next week we took them to three of the finest beaches in the region — Holmes Beach on Anna Maria Island here in Bradenton, to Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota, and to Venice Beach & Pier at Venice. We also spent considerable time around the pool and hot tub here in Plantation Grove MHP, plus seeing other area attractions.

2014--0315 -- Bradenton, FL - logo - March 10--16 visit by Stan, Becky & Daniel Paregien




On Thursday, March 19, Peggy and I hosted a music jam here at our house. There were 19 of us squeezed together in our little cabin, including two guitar players (myself and #1 Son), a mandolin player (Daniel) and a violin/fiddle player (Christine Haines). Everyone seemed to have fun as we also consumed a mountain of “finger foods.”

2014--0368 -- Bradenton,  FL - March 13 - music jam - group - by Peggy Paregien

2014--0355D -- Venice, FL - March 11 - Venice Pier - Stan Paregien JR  and Becky - by Peggy Paregien

2014--0355H -- Venice, FL - March 11 - Peggy and Becky Paregien - by Stan Paregien JR

2014--0374--A Bradenton,  FL - March 14 - shuffleboard - Becky Paregien and Daniel - by Peggy Paregien

We also indoctrinated them with the joys of Senior Citizen and Mobile Home Park shuffle boarding and bicycling. They left without experiencing Senior Citizen bingo (is there any other kind?) and Euchre, not to mention horse shoes.

All good things must come to an end. So about 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, March 16, we took Stan Jr., Becky and Daniel to Tampa for their plane ride back to St. Louis, where they were scheduled to have freezing rain and 2 to 5 inches of snow. Yep, that reminds me again as to why we moved to Florida.


Well, the real pressure to come up with a set of rules for the Paregien Bed & Breakfast is this: We just got word that two more cousins are headed our way. Those would be biker Willard “Psycho” Paregien from Sioux City, Iowa and Homer “Bubba” Paregien from Sandusky, Ohio (see photos, below). They told us they can’t stay more than a month or so.


2014--0357 -- Sarasota, FL - March 13 - car museum -  by Stan Paregien

Where is that doggone “No Vacancy” sign of ours when we really need it?