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Hi, I’m Stan Paregien Sr.  This is my home base for “The Paregien Journal.” It will help you navigate through my various blogs and web sites. 

1.   “Latest News” &  “About Stan” 

Just click on the “Latest News” page for the latest news related to this blog.  Click on the “About Stan” page for my biographical information and a photo or two.


2.  “Blogs, Newest to Oldest”

Select the menu option, above,  to start reading my blogs. These entries cover lots of topics, reflecting my interest in politics, religion, travel, books and publishing in general, family history research, humor, poetry and more.


 3.   Stan’s Photos on Flickr 

https://www.flickr.com/photos/111910623@N04/sets .  

I call that account, “Stan Paregien: The Storytelling Man.”This, my most comprehensive collection of photos, numbers over 6,000. These photos, which date back to just after the Civil War, cover our family, friends, nature scenes and general photos of scores of states and a few foreign countries. 


4.   Stan’s eBooks Selling Online


Go the address above to read a summary of the contents of each book and to order my eBooks. They are all available (except for # 14) in the PDF format, the Apple (epub), Amazon (Kindle) and several other popular formats. Those books include, in alphabetically order: 

 (1)      The Abilene Trail (a Western novel)

(2)      Boggy Depot Shootout (a Western novel)

(3)      The Cajun Cowdog: 15 Stories for Adults

(4)      Clara Luper: Civil Rights Pioneer

(5)      Cowboy Earmuffs: 15 Stories for Adults

(6)      The Day Jesus Died

(7)      Guy Logsdon: Award-winning Folklorist

(8)      Jim Shoulders: King of the Rodeo Cowboys

(9)      Oklahoma Almanac of Facts & Humor: Part 1, Achille to Nowata

(10)    Oklahoma Almanac of Facts & Humor: Part 2, Okarche to Zafra

(11)    Quotes for Writers & Speakers

(12)    A Rainy Day Reader: 100 Poems for Your Enjoyment

(13)    Rootin’ Tootin’ Cowboy Poetry: 100 Western Poems

(14)    Thoughts on Unity (only available at Amazon.com in the Kindle format)

(15)    Woody Guthrie: His life, Music and Myth

Look for more pages and features coming soon.


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