Issue 300 — Battle of Vicksburg

Issue 300    —    The Paregien Journal    —    May 16, 2015

The Battle of Vicksburg

by Stan Paregien Sr.

0412  2015--03--05   Waterloo, ILL - Stan 'Batman' Paregien, Jr and mom Peggy Paregien - by Stan Paregien

0440   2015   St Louis, MO - Becky P - William Shatner, actor - Stan Paregien Jr

I think maybe our son and daughter-in-law, Stan & Becky Paregien, Jr., were at a comic book convention in St. Louis and had their photo taken with the amazing Captain Kirk (i.e., William Shatner).

0436   2015--03--07   Waterloo, IL - Dan, Jodi, Bailey

Our grandson Daniel Paregien with his sister, Jodi P. Barrow and her daughter, Bailee, getting into the act.

Dogs -- 3-dog-night -- three doggie friends catch a nap -- 2015

Gary England was a metorologist for a TV station in Oklahoma City for over 30 years. In the winter time he was fond of saying, “Looks like it is going to be real cold night. About a three-dog night.”  He meant it was going to be so cold you might want to get three of your dogs to sleep with you to keep you warm. Maybe that’s what this photo is all about.

Books -- Authors -- number 1 seller

Airplane travel -- cartoon - your appendix is about to burst

Aging -- correcting document on your computer with 'white-out'

Anybody over the age of 50 has probably used many bottles of “White Out” to make corrections when we all used to write on typewriters. Unfortunately, that method of correcting typos does not work very well on computer screens.

A Cloud of Witnesses

at the Lord’s Supper

 by Stan Paregien Sr. (March 28, 2015)

 As I was thinking about what I would say today at our communion meal, the phrase in Hebrews 12:1 about us having “a great cloud of witnesses” surrounding us kept popping into my consciousness.

It suggested to me that during this Lord’s Supper we would do well to think back in time for a few minutes. Let’s think of our own families and about the hundreds or even thousands of Christian brothers and sisters we have had communion with over the years since our respective new births. Elders, deacons, Bible school teachers, farmers, business executives, out-of-work laborers, waitresses, college professors, foreigners to our country and sometimes when we were foreigners in another country, and countless women who quietly went about doing good in the name of Christ. The number might be amazing for some of us who have passed our 70th year.

That is exactly what the Hebrews writer was stressing. The “therefore” with which he begins his sentence, points back to his earlier remarks where he admiringly talked about such folks as Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham and Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, the Israelites who fled Egypt and spent 40 years in the wilderness, the prostitute Rahab, Gideon, the Israelites who couragely marched around the city of Jericho, Barak, Samson, Jephthah, David, Samuel, and the prophets of old. Almost all of these men and women of faith went through hard times, disappointments, and sometimes rebellion and spiritiual failures. But each continued loving God and and serving him as best they could.

Those people, my brothers and sisters, plus all deceased Christian believers this side of the cross are not just witnesses of how we live and worship today but they are supporters of us. Like a crowd at a track meet, they urge us to be faithful to the end of our time . . . and will welcome us to eternity. And, most importantly, the Holy Spirit, Jehovah God and Jesus Christ himself will crown us as victors.

And we know that where even two or three disciples are gathered together in the name of Christ that he has promised to be there for their encouragement (Matthew 18:20). To him be praise forever and ever.

2015--04--05--B1 -- Washington, DC -- Major Stan Paregien Jr - USAFR

The above photo is of our son, Stan Paregien Jr., on one of his job-related visits to Washington, DC. He is a major in the Air Force. I remember taking him to Oklahoma City the day after his graduation from high school in 1985 to take his physical exam to go through training with the Air Force. We are certainly proud of his accomplishments and advancements within the Air Force. And we’re even more proud of his commitments to his family, to his friends and to his Christian faith. He also knows how to have fun and relax, as evidenced by his “used car lot” at his house: three “normal” cars, a motorcycle, a “Robert Lee” car identical to the one on the old “Dukes of Hazard” TV show, and . . . . a Batmobile. I’m not kidding. A few years back he bought a 1970s convertible that some other Batman fan had painted black, with red trim and a Batman symbol on the car door, and installed a fake “jet exhaust” on the rear. Both cars really get the attention of folks out on the road.

2015--03--30--03   Bradenton, FL -- new dog, 6-yr old Allie - a pom

Yep, we are dog owners, again. We were given this 6-year old female pom by a young couple in Tampa. Allie has a sweet disposition, is well house-broken and gets along well with other dogs. She is definitely a “woman’s dog” who is still in the process of warming up to me.  We left her with our neighbor, Virginia Corbin, for 17 days while we cavorted from here to Oklahoma and Texas and back. Now Allie thinks Virginia is her indulgent grandmother and wants to stop by her house for a hug every day.

2015--03--30--05-A   Bradenton, FL -- new dog, 6-yr old Allie - a pom

2015--04--16   A02   Vicksburg, MS  -- logo designed by Stan Paregien

2015--04--16   A03E  Vicksburg, MS  -- Battle of Vicksburg

2015--04--16   A03F  Vicksburg, MS  -- Battle of Vicksburg 2015--04--16   A03G  Vicksburg, MS  -- Map of National Military Park

2015--04--16   A14  Vicksburg, MS  -- National Battlefield Park entrance - by Stan Paregien 2015--04--16   A22  Vicksburg, MS  - Nat Battlefield  -  mockingbird on a  monument  - by Peggy Paregien

2015--04--16   A27-B  Vicksburg, MS  - Nat Battlefield  -  Illinois State Memorial   - by Stan Paregien 2015--04--16   A27-C  Vicksburg, MS  - Nat Battlefield  -  Illinois State Memorial   - by Stan Paregien

2015--04--16   A28  Vicksburg, MS  - Nat Battlefield  -  Illinois State Memorial   - by Stan Paregien 2015--04--16   A31  Vicksburg, MS  - Nat Battlefield  -  Illinois State Memorial   - by Stan Paregien

2015--04--16   A32  Vicksburg, MS  - Nat Battlefield  -  Illinois State Memorial   - by Stan Paregien

2015--04--16   A33  Vicksburg, MS  - Nat Battlefield  -  Illinois State Memorial   - by Stan Paregien

2015--04--16   A50  Vicksburg, MS  - Nat Battlefield  -  Shirley Homw  -- by Stan Paregien

More next time about the Battle of Vicksburg and the city of Vicksburg.

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