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Issue 295 – Rambling Around

Issue 295    —    The Paregien Journal    —    January 20, 2015

Rambling Around

by Stan Paregien Sr.

Hello, my name is Stan and I am a hoarder. 

Well, no, I’m not in a 12-step plan of any kind. But I sometimes feel like I need to be. I like to keep stuff. All kinds of stuff. Mostly photos, with the vintage ones being my favorites. That, of course, does not explain why I take a thousand or two photos a year myself. I just do.

However, living in our downsized retirement home (i.e., a manufactured home with about 1,400 sq ft) we have very little room to accumulate books (I love ’em), dolls (not so doggone much), or more furniture or electronic items. I suppose I could do like the late Glen Shirley, a fine author of Western history books and articles, who found his home in Perkins, Oklahoma had run out of space. “No problem,” he said (no record of what his wife said), and he bought the house next door for an extension of his personal library. When he died, The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma bought his entire library and moved it to their archives where it is available for research by scholars. 

Now, I’ve said all that to say this: What follows is my version of cleaning house (i.e., gettin’ rid of some stuff). I collected these items with a view of sharing them with all of you. That time has come, so I can continue finding more wonderful tidbits of sometimes suspect information. 

Obviously, I liked these things or I would not have copied and saved them. I hope you find something you also like.

1930  -- Squatter shacks in Central Park in New York City

See what I mean? I told you I like the vintage photos.

2013-10-06  Seeger's memoir in song - by Susan Rife -- Part 1 of 2

2013-10-06  Seeger's memoir in song - by Susan Rife -- Part 2 of 2

2014--10--01   Lipscomb Univ has close ties to Gospel Music Association

I graduated from Lipscomb University (mentioned in the above article) way back in . . . holy smokes! . . . uh, . . . 1965. I did not major in mathematics, but my fingers and toes tell me that has been nearly 50 years ago. The University has expanded their property and built some really impressive new buildings. Shucks, I’m glad to hear these buildings even have indoor toilets and such.


The above article may not interest many of you. But for those who sometimes put pen to paper (okay, I know it is now fingers to keyboard) and are authors or maybe hope to be . . . , you might back up and read about how internet (i.e., digital) marketing is impacting the world of publishing. Very often, it is the laborer (i.e., the writer) who gets only a few dollars from what is left after his agent and the publishing company and the retailers are through. Then there are the masses of us who never make enough sales to write home about and so we can’t get too excited about this issue.

2014--08--20   014   Arches Monument Park -- Stan and Peggy Paregien  --  by passerby

This photo of Peggy and myself was taken last October in the Arches National Park in southeast Utah. Now that is magnificent country. 

Speech--argument--debate   Brothers Grimm cartoon - 2013


Golly Bill, I’ve got to shut this critter down. The little lady I live with has started microwaving some popcorn so it must be time for a movie to begin. About three years ago, our Texicana teenage granddaughter spent a week with we Ancient Ones. She went home and told her mother, “All they watch on TV are black-and-white movies. And they turn the volumn way up.”

I’m still trying to figure out what her point was.

Issue 294 – Media Day in Heaven

Issue 294    —    The Paregien Journal    —    January 12, 2015

Media Day in Heaven

by Stan Paregien Sr.

Poem 410   Media Day in Heaven - by Stan Paregien Sr -- copyrighted 2015--01--12  -- Page 01

Poem 410   Media Day in Heaven - by Stan Paregien Sr -- copyrighted 2015--01--12  -- Page 02


Islam - cartoon about bloody reputation -- 2014

Journalism - freedom of speech - Islamic radicals -- Newspaper Assn of America editorial - 2015--01--09

Liberals -- 01 sniveling brats

Politics - poverty - the rich piss on us and the media tells us it is raining

Washington Redskins drop word Washington

I have lived long enough to have found something embarrassing about almost every President of the U.S. since John F. Kennedy. After all, we know the person we elect to that high office is human and will make mistakes. We expect it and are rarely shocked.

Today, though, I am profoundly embarrassed by the apparent lack of leadership and courage by President Obama. His cowardice during the current onslaught of violence by Muslin/Islamic radicals in a dozen countries leaves our nation looking weak and indecisive. I once had high hopes for this president to bring our nation together, racially and economically, but he has not done so. And his avoidance of the recent unity parade in Paris–attended by some 40 heads of state–was the last straw for me.

I really do hope and pray he will somehow wake up and make courageous decisions, but I am already turning my attention to the election in 2016. Mr. Obama, it is way past time for a change.  


Issue 293 – New Year’s Bible Reading Schedule

Issue 293    —    The Paregien Journal    —    January 1, 2015

New Year’s Bible Reading Schedule

by Stan Paregien Sr.

Happy New Year to each of you.

 And what better way to begin the New Year than by a systematic method of reading the Bible? So I have attached a schedule that I am following this year. It allows you to read through the entire Bible, Old and New Testaments, in one year. And this schedule places the events of the Bible in chronological order (at least as far as modern scholarship can determine).

 Then, to make it even more interesting, I’m going to be doing this devotional reading (as opposed to reading in order to prepare for a Bible class or sermon) by reading through one of the newest Bible translations, THE MESSAGE by Eugene H. Peterson. Of course, it is always a good idea to pray before each reading and ask the Lord to bless you with greater understanding of the Bible and more wisdom as to how to apply the message.

 I invite you to join me in this year-long reading through the Word of God.


Stan Paregien

Chronological Bible Reading Plan -- Page 1 of 3

Chronological Bible Reading Plan -- Page 2 of 3

Chronological Bible Reading Plan -- Page 3 of 3End.