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Issue 289 – Our Trip to Colorado

Issue 289    —    The Paregien Journal    —    October 7, 2014

Our Trip to Colorado

by Stan Paregien Sr.

Continuing on our westward trip, we flew from Omaha, Nebraska to Denver, Colorado on August 15, 2014. We rented a car for the rest of our trip as we wandered through Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and back to the airport at Denver on Sept. 9th. That was not the end of our trip, though, as we flew to Austin and spent two nights and a day with our daughter, Stacy Magness, and her family near College Station. And on Sept. 11th we flew back to Tampa, Florida. Our neighbors and friends Gary and Holly Wollums kindly picked us up. We were sure glad to be back in our own house and bed, and we were really more wore out than we realized at that moment.

Anyway, this segment picks up in Denver. We rented that car and drove down to Florence, Colorado and met our friends from Edmond, Okla., James and Glenda Cotton. We had lunch and then spent the afternoon looking at the quaint town and the antique stores.

2014--08--15  001A   vacation -- Colorado --

2014--08--15  001B   vacation -- Colorado -- map




2014--08--15  017   Canon City,  Colorado --  Mexican restaurant   -  by Stan Paregien

2014--08--15  019   Canon City,  Colorado --  James and Glenda Cotton   -  by Stan Paregien

2014--08--15  020   Canon City,  Colorado --  Stan and Peggy Paregien  -  by Glenda Cotton

2014--08--15  021   Canon City,  Colorado --  Roy Rogers drink  -  by Glenda Cotton

How about that? A drink named in honor of a genuinely good man and my

childhood hero, cowboy movie star Roy Rogers.

2014--08--16  001   Canon City,  Colorado --  Train Ride along the Royal Gorge


2014--08--16  015   Canon City,  Colorado --  Train Ride -- Arkansas River gorge

2014--08--16  016   Canon City,  Colorado --  Train Ride -- James Cotton

2014--08--16  019   Canon City,  Colorado --  Train Ride   --  by Stan Paregien

2014--08--16  022   Canon City,  Colorado --  Train Ride   --  by Stan Paregien

2014--08--16  032   Canon City,  Colorado --  Train Ride   --  by Stan Paregien

2014--08--16  040   Canon City,  Colorado --  Train Ride   --  by Stan Paregien

Rafting on the Arkansas River through the Royal Gorge.

2014--08--16  048   Canon City,  Colorado --  Train Ride   --  Glenda Cotton

James Cotton

2014--08--16  052   Canon City,  Colorado --  Train Ride   --  Glenda Cotton  --  by Peggy Paregien

2014--08--16  060A   Westcliffe, CO  -- cabin of Fred and Barbara McGinn

James and Glenda Cotton and Peggy and I drove our respective vehicles from 

Canon City on over to Fred & Barbara McGinn’s cabin southwest of the

small but very interesting town of Westcliffe. Another couple from Edmond,

Oklahoma — Tom and Sue Gooch — were already there. So the eight of us

really had a wonderful time together.

2014--08--16  060B   Westcliffe, CO  -- information

2014--08--16  061   Westcliffe, CO  -- Tom and Sue Gooch with Barbara McGinn

2014--08--16  062   Westcliffe, CO  -- Stan Paregien, Fred McGinn and James Cotton

2014--08--16  065   Westcliffe, CO  -- quaking aspen trees  -- by Peggy Paregien

2014--08--17  002   Westcliffe, CO  -- creek south of the McGinn cabin  -- by Peggy Paregien

2014--08--17  005  Westcliffe, CO  -- Stan Paregien speaking for worship at 'David's Chapel'  -- by Peggy

2014--08--17  012C  Westcliffe, CO  --  Glenda Cotton  and Peggy Paregien  -- by Stan Paregien


2014--08--17  016  Westcliffe, CO  --  view from inside the Bowling Ally Restaurant  -- by Stan Paregien

2014--08--18  002  Westcliffe, CO  --  sunrise in the mountains  --   by Stan Paregien

A beautiful sunrise over the mountains to the east of the cabin.


2014--08--19  001  map from Westcliff to Salida

2014--08--19  012  Monarch Pass, Elevation 11,312 ft   --  map from Salida to Gunnison

2014--08--19  015  Map from Gunnison to Montrose, CO -- by Stan Paregien

2014--08--19  028  Gunnison, CO  --  Curecanti National Recreation Area  -- by Stan Paregien

2014--08--19  056    Leaving Colordo sign  -- by Peggy Paregien

Our next segment in this series will be “Our Trip to Idaho.”