Issue 277 – Coquina Beach . . . and More

Issue 277    —    The Paregien Journal    —    April 29, 2014

Coquina Beach . . . and More

by Stan Paregien Sr.

Hello friends and neighbors:

Well, I guess another senior moment reared its head a few days ago. That’s when I intended to post “#13  We Get Visitors” on my “Stan’s Paradise Report.” And I did post it there, but . . . WordPress in its infinite wisdom actually posted here on my “Paregien Journal” blog.

Then just now, I again tried to post (what you see now, below) to that “Stan’s Paradise Report” blog and, . . . Bingo! . . . it, again, posted the info on my “Paregien Journal” file.

Okay. The internet gods are working against me, here. I’m much more frustrated by all this that I want to be. So . . . , I will abandon the “Stan’s Paradise Report” blog and just combine it with “The Paregien Journal.” Now I’m probably telling you more what what you want to know.

So let’s just move ahead.

Meanwhile, here in Paradise . . . 

I want to share with you some photos from last week (Friday, April 25th) when we spend from 5 pm to dark (8 pm) at lovely Coquina Beach some 7 miles or so from our house here in Bradenton. The air temperature was about 83 and the water temperature was 77, a few degrees below “comfortable” for us. But it is getting there. And we did actually get into the water for a while, making it our first swim in the Gulf for 2014.




Miss Peggy as she was about to rise and shine and go looking for sea shells. Say this six times real fast: “She was searching for sea shells among the sea gulls by the sea side.” Yeah, I couldn’t do it either.


Guy illegally fishing in the public beach area. He is not a good “poster child” for other fishermen.


I stepped up close to a tree at the edge of the beach to get a good shot of the beach. And, lo and behold, I was staring right into the beady eyes of this little character up on a limb in that tree. He/she was busy chewing on a peanut and didn’t seem to be bothered by my presence.

ImageuiImagegy ImageImage

Another beachcomber. Note the sweatshirt. This photo was taken some time after 6 pm. The ocean breeze had picked up and the temperature dropped considerably. By 7 pm I was looking for a pair of long pants but, alas, I was out of luck.


You remember Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys, don’t ya? Bob and the boys had a big hit with a song called, “Faded Love.” And a part of one lyric says, “As I watched the mating of the dove.” Well, we didn’t see any dove mating on the beach. The this pair of seagulls was getting with the program, as were several other agitated and noisy, dancing birds. Hmmm. 


Shhhhh. This old guy thought he was the only one on the beach. Hey, wait, that’s me. Sad, but true. I was deep in meditation about the mysteries of life. Well, that’s my story and I’m keeping to it.


Well, folks, that’s about it for today here in Paradise.

We have two visitors coming down from the North County on Wednesday. They will be staying about a week, so we will no doubt have some more photos to share about life here in Florida.

— Stan

1 thought on “Issue 277 – Coquina Beach . . . and More

  1. These pictures are just beautiful! I’m amazed at how few people are on the beach. Sure makes it nice. Really enjoyed this post.


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