Issue 270 — Folks in Greenville, Ky in 1964

Issue 270    —   The Paregien Journal    —    Feb. 28, 2015

Folks in Greenville, Kentucky in 1965

by Stan Paregien Sr.

In my previous post, I told about meeting a woman who lives in Fort Myers, Florida who is a former native of Greenville, Kentucky. That person is Mrs. Robert (Regina Whitman Summers). She was a member of a Baptist Church while there in Greenville, but knew many of the members (young and old) of the Church of Christ there in Greenville, Kentucky (Muhlenberg County). 

That was of particular interest to me because, when I was a student-preacher at Lipscomb University in Nashville, I preached there on Sundays. Peggy and I would get up very early and drive the 92 miles one way to Greenville. I would teach an adult Bible Class, while Peggy often helped with one of the classes for small kids. Then I would preach that morning. We would normally go home with one of the church families and have Sunday dinner with them. Then we might go visiting people in the nursing home(s) or maybe just couldn’t get out of their house. Or sometimes someone would take us to see a lake or an old building or something. One time Mr. Morris Bandy, who worked for a coal mine in the area, took us out to see the phenomenally large equipment they used. Another man, Russell Gennett, I think it was, actually took us a few hundred feet down into a coal mine. I’d rather chop cotton on top of the soil than mine coal beneath the soil any ol’ day, because I felt very uncomfortable down there.

Usually our host family provided us with a snack or lite supper before the evening service. Then I would preach, again, only this time it was broadcast live on the local radio. One of our members had a son who worked part-time at the radio station and he usually set up the equipment. After that, Peggy and I would saddle up and ride our old pony another 92 miles back down to Nashville. That “pony” was a customized ’55 Ford with Tijuana tuck & roll upholstery. It was a wonderfully dignified car for a pastor–or not. Ha, ha. But what could you expect from a Okie-born and California-reared kid? On the way home late at night we usually listed to other radio preachers, some a wee bit better known–like Billy Graham.

Anyway, I found more photos of folks in Greenville, Kentucky (Muhlenberg County) tucked away in a folder on my computer with the fancy title of, “1964.” See, sometimes I really am a man of few words. Not often, but sometimes. And here are those photos, with labels on each an every one. If any of these folks are still alive, I’d sure get a kick out of hearing from them. They may email me at:

Oh, please be sure to also check out my web site, STORYTELLING DIGEST, at .

1964-003 Russell Gennett and wife - Greenville, KY 1964-004 GreenvilleKY - McPhersons with Stan and Peggy Paregien 1964-005 GreenvilleKY - Ronnie Milam and wife, left 1964-006 GreenvilleKY 1964-007 Morris Brady Family  GreenvilleKY 1964-008 StripCoalMining GreenvilleKY 1964-009 Peggy Paregien with Church kids -- Greenville, KY - photo by Stan Paregien 1964-010--A Carl and Marjorie Wells -- Greenville, KY 1964-010--B  Freddy Wells - Greenville, KY - photo by Stan Paregien 1964-010--C  Peggy Paregien fishing with Freddy Wells - Greenville, KY - photo by Stan Paregien 1964-014 Preston Weeks, Joan and child -- Nashville, TN - photo by Stan Paregien 1964-018--A  Biz office staff at Lipscomb Univ -- Bottom, Rita Wells Martin and Peg Paregien -Hazel Eslick-Doris Erwin Nashville 1964-029--A Vernon Martin -Rita Wells Martin - at Montgomery Bell St Park near Nashville, TN

11 thoughts on “Issue 270 — Folks in Greenville, Ky in 1964

  1. The top photo, Russell and Lucille Gennett, is of my great uncle and aunt. The Morris Brady is really Morris “Bandy ” my uncle. He is pictured with my Aunt Carolyn, Pam, and Steve.


  2. Thanks for posting Muhlenberg pics. I was born in Jan of 54 and grew up in the Greenville C of C. My Moore grandparents went to Cherry Grove C of C. I spent a lot of time with the McPherson’s. Mary Milam was a SS teacher and we went to see StLouis play one weekend.


  3. My parents moved to Greenville around 1965 I think and attended the Church of Christ. Morris and Carolyn Bandy not Brady , still live in Greenville.


  4. Hi Stan, Morris and Carolyn Bandy are my parents and they still live in that same house in Greenville. Lucille Genet was my great aunt. She and Russell passed away in the early 90s. I loved seeing all of these pictures! And I know others from Greenville did too. I shared it on facebook with my mom.

    Sarah Bandy Jenkins
    Jacksonville, FL


  5. Freddy Geibel son of Raymond & Lydia Geibel worked for the local FM radio station and probably he was the one who did the tech work to broadcast the evening service.


  6. My mom and dad really enjoyed looking at the pictures. Mom thought this may have been at Cherry Grove and not at the Greenville c of Christ. What do you all think about that? 1964…..she didn’t know if the church was meeting at North Main yet.


  7. Hi! Well, I am the daughter pictured with Morris and Carolyn Bandy. I recognize many in these pictures. Raymond and Bessie McPherson are the first names in your pictures and I the ones across from Ronnie and Mary Milam I know too, but cannot recall their names. They lived right down the street on West Depot. This was wonderful going down memory lane!


    1. Hello Pam: Thanks for writing. Please give your parents a big hug from Peggy and me, and tell them we said hello. Its nice to know there are at least a few of the folks we knew who are still around. Best wishes to you and to them.


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