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Issue 266 — Speaking of Old Folks

Issue 266    —    The Paregien Journal    —  Stan Paregien, Sr., Editor

Speaking of Old Folks

by Stan Paregien Sr.

I have just posted Issue 219 of my “STAN PAREGIEN’S SENIOR MOMENTS” journal. That issue is on the theme of “Speaking of Old Folks” and it is at at . Hope you enjoy it.

Oh, hey, one of my future postings for “SENIOR MOMENTS” will be one on “Autos & Service Stations”. That will really be a special issue, with a photo of my dad and the station he ran in Wapanucka, Oklahoma in 1939 and of my uncle Sidney Cauthen and the Phillips 66 he ran in Sweetwater, Texas in the 1950s.

But I need your help: I would really like to have 1950s vintage photos of the following: (1) the Texaco station on Highway 126 one mile south of Piru, Calif.; (2) Dewey’s station on Highway 126 in Fillmore, Calif.; (3) any service station on Rt 66 in Stroud, Okla.; and (4) . . . a photo of YOU (yes, you) standing beside the very first car you ever had. Again, I’m really looking for photos taken back in the 1950s or earlier, rather than modern photos. Please send me copies, not the originals; and a note about the location and date of each photo.

I have listed a link, below, the photos taken during the music jam at our house Saturday afternoon. We didn’t know what kind of crowd (if any) to expect, given how busy everyone is right now, but we wound up with 22 folks present . . . and eight of those played an instrument. So we had plenty of entertainers and everyone seemed to have a very good time. We had five Rwandan students as our guests and one of them, Aubin, is an excellent guitar player and singer, so he lead us in a number of songs.

One personal highlight for me was in having my ol’ buddy Verdonn Blevins (Sand Springs, OK) and his wife Sharonn join us. Verdonn and I go way, way back. Not quite to the Dark Ages, but mighty close.

I first met Verdonn in the mid-1950s at the church where my maternal grandparents (John & Vada Cauthen) worshipped in Sand Springs (the old 4th & Industrial Church of Christ; now the Lakeside Church of Christ). He was already playing some pretty mean hot-licks on his guitar way back then, and he has just gotten better. In 1959-61 he and I each attended the Amarillo (Tx) Bible Training Work, and we even roomed together for a time . . . and double-dated together, and also boxed together at a local boxing gym for a while.

Several folks brought food, so it was a wonderful afternoon of singing Woody Guthrie songs (in honor of this his 100th anniversary of his birth), country and folk songs, gospel songs and Christmas songs. And the icing on the cake getting to share the time with both old friends and new ones.

I have posted all these photos . . . and a few more . . . at my Flickr account — .

Also, Martha Russell of Edmond, Okla., took some video during the jam. She has posted three clips on her Facebook account, posted on Dec. 8, 2012. So just go to Facebook and put in her name and scroll down to Dec. 8th’s entries.

If others of you have photos and/or videos of the fun at the jam, please get copies to me ASAP and I’ll post them all together. SThanks to each and every person at the jam for making it a big success.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the photos of old service stations, old cars and old people . . . er, I mean, . . . photos of you and your first car. Should be a fun issue.

My personal email address is: .

Best wishes to one and all.

–Stan Paregien

Issue 265 – A Tribute to Harold Paregien

Issue 265     —    The Paregien Journal    —    December 5, 2012
A Tribute to Harold Paregien
by Stan Paregien, Sr.
My father, Harold Paregien, was born on December 5, 1912. So today, December 5th, marks the 100th anniversary of his birth. And in honor of this hard-working, family-loving and unassuming man I have written a short book in tribute to him which I have simply titled, “Harold Paregien.” The 61 pages contain the story of his life, both in text and with loads of photographs.
Though he was born in Oklahoma and lived there until his mid-twenties, he spent most of his adult life within a 25 mile radius of Fillmore, Calif. He farmed on the Todd Estate (west of Santa Paula), the Newhall Ranch (right at the Los Angeles County and Ventura County line on Highway 126), between Piru and I-5. And he worked for the several years for the Samuel Edwards Ranch 1 mile west of Piru. Our family consisted of dad, my mom Evelyn, and my sister Roberta (now Roberta Fournier).
My short book (mostly photos) on my father, Harold Paregien, is now available online at no charge. So you may either read it online or download the PDF file to your own computer to keep and/or to distribute to others. You’ll find this book and some other items I’ve written at: