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Issue 263 – Ten Funny Aging Cartoons

Issue 263    —    The Paregien Journal    —    September 7, 2012

Ten Funny Aging Cartoons

by Stan Paregien Sr.

Yes, I know, aging can be creepy and painful and depressing and . . . well, you know the list.

Still, we who have crossed the “aged” and “senior citizen” threshold know we cannot escape it so we might just as well smile and laugh at it (and ourselves) as often as we can. After all, laughter really is good medicine for the human soul.

So I am posting here some 10 funny (and sometimes pointed and too close to home) cartoons about the aging process. Hey, just relax and enjoy them. Then tell your kids and grandkids to look at them. They just might see “Papa” and “Granny” in a whole new, appreciative light. Okay, that’s probably not gonna happen. But they, too, may get a chuckle out of the cartoons.

See you next time.


P.S.  Click on each image to make it larger.