Issue 257 — Getting Back in the Groove

Issue 257    —    The Paregien Journal    —   June 27, 2012   

Getting Back in the Groove

by Stan Paregien Sr.

Well, it is about 9 pm and the temperature outside is still 94 degrees. We have had a string of 100+ degree days and more to come. Last year we set our all-time record with something like 61 days in a row of 100+ weather. Ouch. We don’t want that, again.

Sorry I’ve been out-of-pocket so much, my last post being in April. But I feel like I’ve been around the world two or three times since then. It began with our “once in a lifetime” tour of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland–with one day also in Paris, France. We enjoyed most all of the places we went, and certainly enjoyed the 24 or so other folks who were on our tour. But I’ll try to catch you up with that in a later blog.

Then we flew up to the St. Louis area and spent a few days with our son, Stan Jr, his wife Becky and son Daniel. We were thrilled to watch as Daniel walked across the high school stage to receive his diploma, even thought it meant two weeks later our “little guy” who grew up fast would be going through basic training with the Air Force in San Antonio (just as his father had done right after he graduated from high school, back in 1985).

And then it was on over to Sequoia State Park & Lodge for the semi-annual “Allen Family Reunion.” That’s Peggy’s rugged crew of inlaws and outlaws. Okay, okay . . . just kidding. Anyway, we took our “adopted” Rwandan university student–Jean Marie–with us. It was made ever nicer by the fact that our daughter, Stacy P. Magness, and her daughter Christal joined us for a couple of days. More about that, later.

Then . . . Peggy flew to Indianapolis to help care for her sister Paula Allen King who had knee replacement surgery several weeks ago and was having lots of pain and problems as she went through therapy. They are at the home of their sister, Mrs. Bill (Charlotte Allen) Richardson, and has been for almost three weeks.

In Peggy’s absense, I am surviving. Sure glad that God invented the Post cereal company. Hopefully, she and her sister Paula will be arriving here in Oklahoma City Friday morning. Y-a-h-o-o! Thought you might like to see the poem that I wrote for Peg while she was away:

Oh, by the way, did you see the news item this week about Oklahoma City being named . . . sit down for this momentous honor . . . “America’s Manliest City.” Hey, if I’m lyin’ I’m dyin’.

The research/survey was funded by Mars Chocolate North America (I’m not kidding about this, either). They judged citys by the number of home improvement stores (Home Depot, Lowes, etc), steak house, girly hangouts (nail salons, fashion boutiques), drovers of full-size pickups made in America, Western apparel stores, and the numbers of men who like to work on cars, fish, hunt, ride motocycles and do woodwork projects.

Well, I’ve gotta go. Reckon I’ll drive my Chevy Silverado pickup truck over to the Lone Star Roadhouse for a big chicken-fried steak, then I’ll stop by Bass Pro Shop for some fishing gear and ammo for my .45 pistol. On the way back I think I’ll stop by Shepler’s Western Wear and buy me a straw cowboy hat and then go by Home Depot to buy me a new router so’s I can build my little lady a new china cabinet. But, on second thought, I think I’ll just work on restoring my ’57 Chevy and top it off by a ride around town on my ’65 Harley Davidson. That may not be the right thing to do, . . . but it is the manly thing to do.

Y’all come, ya hear?

–Stan Paregien Sr

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